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71% of Americans support unions, the highest level in nearly 60 years. And our future is bright: 88% of people younger than 30 support unions, too.


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Nurses are Unionizing at UMC & They Need Your Help

CALL NOW: 504-636-8950

Nurses at University Medical Center (UMC) in New Orleans are fighting to stop the dangerous trend of hospital management’s understaffing and failure to provide safe patient care and working conditions. Nurses have notified management of our intentions to form a union to advocate for our patients, but management has responded by trying to deny our right to do so.

Please call our hotline now to be connected to the UMC Board of Directors and executive officers. Please introduce yourself as a member of the community and urge them to stop their union busting tactics and recognize UMC nurses’ right to have a voice in the care we provide to our community. 

You can use the script below, and please feel free to add your personal experience.

UMC Board of Directors Hotline Number: 504-636-8950

Thank you for taking action with National Nurses United.

Sample Script: 

Hi, my name is _____, and I live in _____, Louisiana.

As a community member impacted by downsizing of local health care services, I am calling to urge you to recognize the right of nurses at UMC in New Orleans to organize a union in order to have a voice in the decisions that impact patient care. Our community relies on UMC for safe patient care, and I support the nurses who are advocating for us. I urge you to stop your union busting tactics immediately!


Please call the UMC Board of Directors & tell them to stop union-busting

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